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Virtuous woman

"Virtuous Woman is a mission-based project done by the women's ministry consisting of the development of various projects and ideas that contribute to raising funds to support college students who are currently enrolles in Bible Institutes in order to share the Word of God to more people." 


Embrace to the heart

It is a fellowship for the strengthening of faith, this mission is exclusively for women who are heads of household.


Light for the lost

Light for the lost is a mission that is developed by the men's ministry, the mission is to contribute to the purchase of bibles so that they can be distributed free of charge in different countries of the world and thus be able to bring the word of God to more people .


Speed the light

Speed the light is a mission led by the youth ministry that consists of supporting the various missionaries in the world with the help of transportation to facilitate the work of reaching more people.



"BGMC is the AG missions program for children that instills a heart of compassion to reach the lost through prayer, giving, and walking. All funds raised through BGMC go toward meeting critical needs throughout the world. world, like feeding programs, water wells, Bible schools, curriculum, and anything else a missionary needs in his part of the world. "

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