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Welcome to Centro Cristiano de Little Rock 

Assemblies of God

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Consisting of the children of our church, who are the future leaders of called to the service of God


Young Adults

Made up by the youth, teens and preteens of
our church.



Consisting of the men’s and women’s ministries, full of God’s

Texto de la Biblia


Made up by the Evangelism, Prayer, Fine Arts, Discipleship,
and Social Help Ministries.


Our church has mission’s groups made up of the various ministries, each to help a specific
purpose that contributes to fulfilling the Great Commission in the United States and in other
parts of the world where the gospel is difficult to exercise.

Our Pastors

John Molina and Nury Molina

general pastors

“As general pastors, we long for
each person who comes to this
house to experience a personal
encounter with Christ, to grow as a
disciple of the Lord and to affirm
their faith and become an
instrument of God that impacts
their family and society”

Arturo Rosado and Gabriela Rosado

j pastors or venes

"As youth pastors we want this
place to be a refuge for a
generation of young people who
need God, our goal is to love them,
guide them and lead them until
they can find the calling and
purpose of God in their lives"

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want to join in and support our work

You can give for love to the house of God, contribute to support our missionaries around the world, tithe or simply give what your heart urges you to give.

"God loves the cheerful giver"

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